Along with providing traditional face-to-face instruction, Music By Ear designs engaging, interactive environments for learning to play musical instruments. Through web technologies, interactive tablets and ebooks, students and teachers may develop their skills, learn traditional art forms such as Appalachian mountain music, and connect with players all over the world. Music By Ear strives to promote time honored musical traditions through new modes of interactive, technology-mediated learning.

About the Founder: Matt Osment grew-up steeped in the traditional music of the Appalachian Mountains. Along with his older brothers and sisters, he began performing and touring at the age of 5 with the family’s Old-Time String Band. As a teenager he began to “give back and carry-on” the art of fiddling by teaching others what he had learned from the fiddlers who had taught him. Receiving degrees from UNC-Chapel Hill and The University of Texas at Austin, today he melds his musical expertise and instructional design experience to deliver innovative music instruction using the latest in computer-based technologies within research-based learning paradigms.


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